"You want a better life? Go get it!" - Dr. Erika Duffy

"We have two lives: One we are born with, the other we create. Learn methods to create a life by choice, not by chance. Unlock your full potential!"

My sincere belief is that everyone has the right to a remarkable life. We limit this life based on what we were taught as children and what we believe about ourselves. By remaining unconscious to these beliefs, patterns are repeated from generation to generation. We tend to believe that some are luckier than others and we coast through life feeling powerless to change anything in it. This is the victim mentality! This is all false! By taking responsibility for ourselves and stop blaming everything and everyone in our life, we become aware of steps we can take to create great change in our life. This snowballs into our families and negative patterns are stopped.

There are six (6) components that make up our life. The first two are (beliefs) and (attitudes). We pick these up as children from the people who raise us, society, school, and peers. From this unconscious childhood programming, experiences are created both good and bad that make up the next two components. They are (thoughts) and (feelings) about ourselves and the kind of life we feel we will have for our future. We all learn ingenious ways to suppress all these painful thoughts and feelings and even project them onto others.

"We experience life coming at us, but life comes from us and  for us.".

From these thoughts and feelings stored in our unconscious, come the last two of the six components that create our life. We make conscious (choices) and (decisions) for the type of lifestyle, health, relationships and success we bring into our life from these unconscious stories. We then remain oblivious to why negative patterns are repeated and we become stuck and our lives, health and success become very limited. 

What is the C.O.R.E. (tm) method for a transformational life? It is a method of healing and then altering your negative life experiences through a change of your awareness and patterns for immediate  success in happiness, health and relationships.
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