C.O.R.E. Testimonials


The work that I have been doing and continue to be doing with Dr. Duffy has been eye opening and life changing for both myself and my family.  Since working with her she has given me a new perspective on how I view myself and life.  I have been looking at life through a completely different lens and it has changed myself and my families lives for the better. She is one of the sweetest and most kind souls I have come across.  She cares deeply for the work that she does that allows her to help people bring joy, love and light back into their lives.  The work that I have been doing with Dr. Duffy has been a true blessing for me.  I believe she will continue to be a blessing to every soul she will come into contact with now and in the future to come.  The world is and will be a better place because of the work, care and love that she clearly has for her patients, humanity and for our world.

Love. Love. Tatiana

Merry Christmas! (2023)

Merry Christmas to you and your family.  I want to thank you for giving our family the biggest gift of all; your love and guidance to bring our family closer together in harmony. It's been the best Christmas in years!

God Bless, Tammy

 Erika:  Thank you does not even sound adequate for what you have done for me. Having gone through many therapists who only ask questions and offer no solutions on why I was so unhappy, why I was stuck in victim, why I had cancer, why I allowed others to abuse me...the list could go on and on...The self sabotaging was crippling me...and I realize I was doing it to myself due to old thoughts and beliefs since childhood that I thought was real.  When you change your mind and your focus, you literally change your physical body and you can move forward, not stuck in a perpetual downward spiral, as I was.  When I met you I wanted to end my life as there was no hope, at least, from the therapy I had received, there was no answer, and therefore no peace, only anxiety and self loathing.  When you speak to me or to others, your voice is that of an angel. Thank you for devoting your life to educating others and therefore allowing them to realize they have the power to heal themselves in all areas of their life.  What a blessing you are! I love you!   Rebecca, Alaska

"I met Erika several years ago at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention. When my first class of the day was cancelled, I decided to see what her workshop had to offer. As I sat listening to Erika, I knew it was no "accident" that I was there. I was fascinated by what she was teaching, wanted to know more, and cancelled a later class so that I could attend another of hers. That was the beginning of our journey together. Erika is a brilliant teacher and the tools and techniques she has taught me has changed my life. By applying those concepts, I have moved beyond my self doubts to become a confident life coach about to publish a book. Erika has become my mentor, my colleague, and I am proud to say my friend. A cancelled class allowed me to meet and experience Dr. Erika Duffy and I will always be grateful for that opportunity. Attending her workshop can transform your life as it did mine."....Jean Riker, N.Y., author   http://www.tranquilitybasedlifecoaching.com

"Dear Erika, I just wanted to say thanks for all your help, advice, spiritual enlightenment and emotional healing. Erika, you're so amazing! You've taught me and shown me so much about myself. You've helped me grow so much as a person spiritually and emotionally. Your sincere compassion and non-judgmental person has allowed me to open up and heal what I once thought would always be buried. Erika, I also want you to know that through your work (help), I've been able to reach out to many others and help them as well. If you could only see how enormous the light you have started is, you would be teary eyed amazed! Since we first began therapy my life has changed 180 degrees! Things just seem to get better, brighter on a daily basis. You may use me as a reference any time. Thank you once again for helping me find my inner happiness. I'll be in touch soon". -Matt C, N.H.

"Through C.O.R.E.™ Education with Erika, I've come to understand my true self. I am no longer trapped in patterns of behavior that trip me up and create conflicts in my every day life. C.O.R.E.™ Education is a real eye opener into our inner selves. I am evolving into a more aware person". - M.A. Windham, N. H. "I have seen several traditional therapists for esteem issues over the past ten years. They were not able to do for me what C.O.R.E.™ Therapy has done in five weeks; truly heal my inner child's wounds". -M. F. Mass.
"My thanks go to two people; first to my friend who gave me Erika's name and phone number. Then, to Erika herself, for searching and learning about C.O.R.E.™ Education and passing it on to all who are seeking answers to the way we respond to various situation in our lives. Conventional therapy did get me through a rough time; however, it was a band-aid and it didn't take long for some areas to resurface and cause unnecessary pain and hurt. Within a month of C.O.R.E.™ Education with Erika, I began to understand the "why" of my learned behavior. Having the tools Erika gave me, my days are more exciting. I know my growth is just beginning. Oddly enough, I have had two people tell me they have noticed a change in me. And I didn't think it showed! Surprise!" - M.A.M. N. H.

"After starting C.O.R.E.™ Therapy, my new mantra has been: "Confront, Validate and Heal." Confront your fears, validate your feelings, heal yourself. As a child I did not have the courage to talk about my feelings or fears. I never got to have my feelings validated and feel loved unconditionally. That child had remained inside of me without a voice for over 20 years until I tried C.O.R.E.™ Therapy. C.O.R.E.™ Therapy has provided the safe environment I longed for as a child. That 6 year old little girl was finally able to speak through me and allow me to heal, emotionally and physically". Thank you! T. T.... N. H.
"This is a letter to thank you for all the help you have given me and my brother. The first time I met with you was very profound! You helped me so much. My headaches left me. I no longer feel darkness. I wanted you to know how well my brother is doing! His cardiologist was amazed with his health when he returned home. Three years ago he was told he was terminal. He had only one artery left open in his heart. He was a candidate for a heart transplant. When he saw you he had high blood pressure. He couldn't walk. He had no will to live. After his initial meeting with you Erika, there was a profound change in his mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. He now believes in God. He walks four miles a day. He is meditating. He is a new person. He wants to live. His cardiologist cannot explain what happened to his physical health!! He has new arteries in his heart! He is a new person. I hope he writes you. Thank you again Erika and I hope to see you soon. With gratitude and love", -B. M......N. H.
"Dear Erika: It has been a year and a half since I availed myself to your services. I must say it has had a profound effect in my life. If you recall, my motivation was to find peace in my life. There was much turmoil due to early retirement, health problems, marital strife, establishing a new business along with instant review of my past failures. Earlier you had helped both my niece and sister so while vacationing, they suggested I visit you. My heart has stabilized and I have now found more inner peace, thanks to you. I really appreciate your help. Please feel free to use me as a reference with that book you want to write or any other need." Regards -B. V. In. 


Reiki Testimonials

"Reiki, in one phrase...change for the better. Reiki has opened doors of opportunity in my personal and professional life. Reiki has helped myself and others achieve a more balanced and better quality of life overall. If has given me the tools necessary to tackle life with the best outlook, to be non-judgmental, and to have compassion for all" -H. Perry N.H.
"Reiki is a very valuable tool that I have been using for both professional and personal use. Erika has been an asset to our facility as a regular guest lecturer". -R. Cummings, C.E.O., Face Forward, Mass

"Reiki has made me much more aware of a lot of things such as vibration, attitude, coincidences and human nature. It has fascinated me. I feel as though it has opened up my mind. I am more understanding to people's negative reactions. The simple power of touch and positive energy can really change lives. As an Esthetician, I use Reiki on my clients to perform the best facial massage. As a mother, I use Reiki on my children when they seem to be frustrated and cannot put their feelings into words. Every night before I fall asleep, I do Reiki on myself to better myself and to find that comfort of inner peace within. It is almost unexplainable, but an awesome experience I enjoy sharing with others". - Rosa D., Esthetician, Peabody, Ma.
"Dear Erika, I hope this letter reaches you in the best of health and spirit. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much you and the wonderful world of Reiki has changed my life. When I first met you in Jan. of 98, the pressure of being a single mother of two, opening an Esthetic School and clinging onto emotional issues from my childhood had me spinning out of control. It seemed like the faster I went the more ground I would seem to lose. At that time I believed that there was no hope of ever finding peace, just lots of stress, until I met you. I saw tranquility in your eyes and it made me want to trust you. I thank God every day that I did. When you started working with me, I began shedding layers of emotional luggage that I had been collecting diligently through my 39 years of life. Each time we dealt with one of the issues I had stuffed, the magnificient energy of Reiki would erase them one at a time. After working with you for about six months and becoming a Reiki Practitioner II, almost all of that heavy baggage is gone. I now credit each new day with enthusiasm and incorporate love and spirit in everyone around me. I believe I am at my best as a mother, teacher, Esthetician and friend. Every aspect of my life is rich in spirit and peaceful. Thank you so very much for guiding me into the warm tranquility I now posses. You will always be in my heart. - L. Burchi, N.H.
"I had a very traumatic and abusive childhood which led me to "traditional psychotherapy". After six years and thousands of dollars, I could talk about what had happened but still carried with me pain and a darkness which never went away. I am proud to say that after only two Reiki sessions, the pain and darkness are gone, and I am finally at peace with who I am." -H.B. , R.N., New Hampshire

"Dear Erika, you ask me how Reiki and C.O.R.E. (TM) Counseling has helped me and I don't know how to express in words what you have done for me. You helped me so much. You helped me to see that I wasn't alone as I thought I had been. You helped me to realize that so many people cared about me when I thought that there was no one. You helped me to see the world in a new light. You helped me to see that we are all in charge of our own lives and that changing ourselves is only as hard as we make it. I use the knowledge I learned from you and the Reiki you taught me daily. It helps me and others constantly. Thank you." -A.D., New Hampshire

"After trying various alternative practices including acupuncture, reflexology and chiropractic manipulation, I discovered C.O.R.E.™ therapy and Reiki. Nothing has excited me or worked this effectively! As you know ten years ago being diagnosed with Kidney disease and needing a new one plus a new heart created my looking to other forms of healing. I have become passionate about learning Reiki and plan on becoming a Reiki Teacher myself. This way I can pass along this wonderful gift that I have received through (Erika) so that others can discover the same happiness and healing I have. (I have been taken off the transplant list!!!!)" - L.T-B., New Jersey

Karuna Reiki Testimonials

"I have been using and conducting Karuna Reiki workshops for about a year now. I, my clients, and my students have received many benefits from this compassionate and powerful system of Reiki. I now incorporate both Usui and Karuna® Reiki into all of my sessions. My personal experience with the Karuna® has been phenomenal! I strongly believe that the Karuna® attunements promoted the surfacing and releasing of all kinds of personal issues. Some of these issues were so deeply buried that I didn't even consciously know that they were a part of my being. The Karuna continues to work with me whenever I call on it. I am so much more clear now than I ever have been! I believe that the Karuna® Reiki, as well as Usui Reiki, has been a guiding light in my journey and movement into a higher level of awareness and being. I highly recommend Karuna® Reiki to any Reiki practitioner who is ready to welcome this potentially life-transforming tool into his or her practice and personal life." - L. Davenport, New Hampshire

"As a Reiki Master Teacher, it is exciting to bring the Karuna® dimension of Reiki into practice. The symbols are powerful tools to be used with wisdom for the ills of humanity. When we can specify healing for this lifetime, past lifetimes, addictions, abuse issues, visualization techniques and so much more, it is indeed one of the most worthwhile modalities. In my 30 years of study, Karuna Reiki is one of the most exciting finds." -M. Lucas, Mass.
"Dear Erika, I am writing to thank you for introducing me to Karuna Reiki. It has literally changed my life and to the people that are in my life. I use the Karuna® Reiki symbols every morning before going to work. I have seen a tremendous change in the attitudes of the behavior disordered students that I work with. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to help them on an energetic level as well as on a physical level. Even though I had worked with Usui Reiki for over ten years, I cannot express the power that I felt coming through the top of my head when I received the Karuna Reiki Attunements. I remember the colors of emerald green and violet appearing in my third eye chakra. The colors were so vivid and beautiful that I was overwhelmed by the sight. Then, I felt these incredible waves of love flowing through my heart that tears of joy flowed down my cheeks. I remember telling you that I was so grateful for being able to have this experience. Afterwards, when we were healing each other the energy felt so powerful but, at the same time, it felt very blissful. I hope that you are able to spread the Karuna® Reiki to many, as this is what we all need on this planet at this time. Blessings on your journey....". -Susan V, Rhode Island
" I have received multiple Reiki sessions, and have found them very beneficial, but my experience with the Karuna® energy was more like a powerful flush as opposed to the subtle energies of Usui. Karuna® is tailored toward the person prepared for a powerful release." -Evelyn S., New Hampshire

Hypnotherapy Testimonials

"I was diagnosed with ADHD many years ago. I could not focus in school, could not get out of bed, hated school and kept to myself. After I had hypnosis and started listening to the tape I found it easier to sleep the night, get out of bed, it was much easier to concentrate in school and my grades improved. I find it easier to make friends and I feel happier now than ever! Thank you so much!" Angela B., N.Y.

"I was not confident in school and found it hard making friends. It was difficult speaking up and asking questions. After my hypnosis session and listening to the tape, it was easier being around people and speaking up. I like school now and look forward to 8th grade." Mike N., N. H.

"I quite smoking and feel much better about myself!" Nancy W., N. H. "It was always difficult losing weight. I never stayed motivated long enough. I was surprised, but this does work. I dropped 15 lbs. so far and have no desire to stop! Thank you for your help and support." Kathy S., N. H.

Essential Oil Testimonials

"I have had numerous problems with my back. When applying essential oils to my spine, I found my back improved so much, that I was not even aware of the discomfort! I have had no problem since using them....Thank you"! S.D.......N. H.
"When my daughter ran a temperature of 102, I immediately applied Lavender and Immupower (to build the immune system) on her feet and spine. Within 30 minutes her fever was down to normal and she was sleeping peacefully. I find they seem to work on just about everything". E.J.......N. J.

"I had a terrible toothache and it just did not seem like it would go away. I applied Thieves (anti-bacterial and anti-infectious) to the area and immediately it got numb and the pain went away and never returned"! F.D.......N. H.

"Last Sunday evening while gardening, I accidentally brushed my arm on stinging nettles. Lavender was my first choice but it didn't help a whole lot. When I got home from work Monday, I applied Roman Chamomile and it did the trick"! Z. P.

"Where I live we are frequently bothered by mosquitoes, I found that after applying Purification to a bite (even if it has been scratched) the sting will go away in a couple of minutes. It also causes the bites to heal faster". A. J....CO. "My son had hay-fever so severe, he started to wheeze. I had him put some Raven on his lungs with a warm compress and within minutes, his airways started to open and his breathing became much clearer". J. D........N. H.
"My husband tripped on something on the stairs and his foot really started to bother him. To compensate for his sore foot, his knee started to bother him. I put some Pan Away, and Birch on the bottom of his foot and knee with a warm compress and within minutes, he stopped noticing the pain! My kids now know which oils they require when they have a cold or feel sore or in need to de-stress!" J. F. D......N. H.
"I am a Chiropractor and have used Valor in my practice with good results. I have also used Valerian, Cypress, Birch, and Peppermint, depending on the underlying problem. If its a muscle problem we will use Valerian, for scar tissue we will use cypress. If it is a joint/bone problem we will use Birch. To increase circulation we will use Peppermint. My husband is also a Chiropractor and we both use the essential oils and have many testimonies from our patients and ourselves. Please let your Chiropractor know that we would be happy to share our experiences". Dr. Treacy Hagan...chirocenter@netdot.com
(These are testimonials only...it is not to take the place of medical care when needed) "I have experienced and used numerous brands of essential oils. It is imperative that we use only 100% pure unadulterated essential oils for optimum health benefits..

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